I’ve Finished It!!!

If you heard loud shouting about 4pm on Friday that was me after handing my essay busily jigging round in little circles in joy.So I’m finally rid of the wretched thing, at the end of a truly yucky month. I’ve really felt as if the thing was out to get me just like this…

I’m not happy with what I’ve produced at all but I have a horrible suspicion that I should continue refining it and put it up on here due to how little there is written about space art. It might be a kindness to some future stressed out art student.






Tom Sachs’ “Space Program”

I was working on my eassay in the uni library when I cam across the book for this performance piece by Tom Sachs where he recreated the Apollo Moon Landing. This is complete with a full sized model of the Mopon lander, a couple of “astronauts” in space suits and even a mission control.

here’s the movie

I’m wondering where this sort of thing fits in relation to more conventional space art.

Here’s some more pictures of the various props…

And Finally…

…have a picture. Even though I’ve had the cold from hell and been trying to work on the essay I’ve still managed to get a little drawing done.



Not sure whether to call it a day on this one and start something new.  Hmmmm…


A Little Night-Time Photography

My camera is pretty basic and it’s nearly five years old (probably due a replacement) but I’ve had a try at taking some pics of the night sky. Yesterday was comparitively clear and I was inspired 🙂


The light pollution is pretty clear in this one with the slightly orange horizon, I’m surrounded with well lit main-roads so on a cloudy night the whole sky often goes orange.


The main stars of Orion are just visible in this one. They look a little double but that was because I was fighting my flimsy tripod. It did quite well really 🙂 You can even see a faint smudge where the Orion nebula should be.


Missed Opportunity

I, like quite a bit of the country missed out on Tuesday’s partial eclipse. I woke up to skies rather like this…

…from horizon to horizon, but with a little bit less snow. Here’s hoping I get to see the next one.

Happy New Year!

Have some boozing space marines. This is fan art for The Misfits by  Davidnm2009 , which is a very good read.

At one point the Storm Ravens, the main Chapter in the story, have the opportunity for a boozy feast with their Space Wolf allies. I may have added details 😀

Maybe I should have a go at colouring this?