Art Hack

I’m always losing my rubbers and sharpners and bits and pieces when I draw. I put them down and it’s like they sprout legs and run off and hide, so after getting completely frustrated with all this and the fact that I’ve got about six pencil sharpners as a result (bought when I couldn’t find the others, but I really needed one) I came up with a solution…


Those pencil sharpners aren’t running away now 😀


Edinburgh – the return!

But this time the weather wasn’t quite so kind. We’d been having a mini-heat wave in the Midlands so I’d been wearing shorts for at least a week which of course meant when I went to pack for my little trip up north I completely mis judged the clothing I needed. In the end I resorted to emergency buying some jeans, spent the rest of the week wearing them too…

…I did think to pack some much more interesting art supplies this time though. I took a pad of pastel paper with me as well as a box of artist quality chalks. They’re so nice (though messy) to use, just a dozen in a range of greys. With this I went up Arthur’s Seat again…


…when I finally got fed up of fixative being blown back into my face I broke out the pens…


Keeping my New Years resolution.

So far, so good. This one has been sitting around for months at just a rough outline waiting for me to do something with it. So this week I attacked it with several 8B pencils 🙂 The board that it’s pinned to is more or less A1 sized. I’m not sure quite what I was thinking when I started a drawing this large of Comet 67p, I think I’d just been really impressed by some of the utterly gorgeous images that Rosetta sent back with all the jets of material coming off. This isn’t just some barren lumpy conglomeration of rock, it’s got its own life-cycle thing going on.

Still loads more to do to it of course. I was thinking of switching to a 4B to do the more detailed parts but the more I look at it I may just drop to a 7 or 6B.


New Year’s Resolutions

Finish all those drawings, paintings whatever you started…

Seriously, its like I’m drowning in them. I start things and then part way through I get way laid by something else and I never quite get back to them, and it’s building up a little and getting in the way.

I’ve started as I mean to go on with this little piece. I’ve actually been trying to do something nice with this rat skull that I found ages ago for a while and not really got any where, but this time I think I’ve suceeded…


Broken Eggshell

Latest drawing. This is another image based on “found objects” (or should that be found things) that I’ve taken photographs of.

I used coloured graphite pencils for this one.

WP_20151103_001 (2)

And a little close up…

WP_20151103_002 (2)

I’ve always been a little nervous about being able to see the pencil marks in a drawing. If they’re not carefully handled they can look very messy and ruin an otherwise good image. So I’ve been working hard on making sure I’m always working in the same direction. It’s been very worth it.

So I finally had a holiday…

…in Edinburgh, somewhere that I’ve never been before. Which turned out to be absolutley brilliant.

I’d been assured by family members that it would be cold, so I took a nice sensible coat and plenty of jumpers and other warm clothes, none of which I ended up wearing thanks to the week long heat wave. I spent much of my time wearing jeans and t-shirts and worrying about sun-burn, and wishing I’d brought shorts.

The top two floors of the middle building belong to the flat we stayed in, and the right hand gable was my bedroom window. Absolutely awesome 😀


And this was the view out the front door. I got used to sprial staircases very quickly, and frankly stairs in strange and random places fullstop, because Edinburgh seems to have more than its fair share of them.


And then we have Arthur’s Seat. It’s like a baby mountain plonked down in the middle of Edinburgh surrounded by smaller hills and little lakes and a river on one side, and it is utterly beautiful. As soon as I saw it I was determined to go and climb up it.

auther's seat (2)


And so I did 🙂 and met some of those famous Scottish midges while I was about it. I think they must have been confused by the unseasonal heat.

more athaur's seat (2)




A litte random extra – on my way up on the train I spotted this little house huddled by trees, straight out of some grusome fairy tale.

journey up (2)

Road Kill

Some time ago I started taking pictures of any unfortunate creatures that I happened to walk past on my daily travels, mainly in the hopes that one day I’d turn them into or use them as the basis for drawings or paintings or something creative. The stupid artist’s block had got to stop at some point hadn’t it?

Hence one afternoon, spotting a very dead and rather squashed rat I rushed over and took several photos on my phone, ignoring the suspicious looks the workers at the car-tyre place who’d drive I was busily crouching in were giving me. After I went on my way they came to investigate and when I went past the dead ratty was very definitely gone. But I got a drawing out of it.

This was coloured pencils. I hadn’t really thought of them as a legitimate medium since I was a kid, but since getting back into pencils I thought “heck why not.” I’m very encouraged by the results.

ratty (2)