The Degree Show – Not as Bad as I thought

I panicked about this for months before hand but in the end it turned out all right.

It involved possibly thirty or so students all trying to put up their work at the same time in a room that, though normally large, had radically shrunk with size due to the introduction of large display boards down the centre of the room.


I tried to keep it as simple as possible, trying to imitate gallery displays I’d seen with plainly framed prints and a sign with a PR code so viewers could read my short story. I think it worked, I don’t think I could have done much better…




Finished the Degree and Missing Uni Already

So after much pain, heartache and struggle…and a two year hiatus I have finally finished my degree 😀

It’s taken me nearly a month to recover and really take in that, yes, this is it. I’m missing it terribly already 😦 the building, the people and I’m not just thinking of the other students and the tutors but also the security man who always said hello to me even after my two year hiatus and the people in the cafeteria who knew I was back for that fifth cup of tea…that morning.

And what is worse is that the Gosta Green campus in Birmingham, where I spent so much time, is moving and the old building is coming down. I’ll never be able to go back…ever 😦