Keeping my New Years resolution.

So far, so good. This one has been sitting around for months at just a rough outline waiting for me to do something with it. So this week I attacked it with several 8B pencils 🙂 The board that it’s pinned to is more or less A1 sized. I’m not sure quite what I was thinking when I started a drawing this large of Comet 67p, I think I’d just been really impressed by some of the utterly gorgeous images that Rosetta sent back with all the jets of material coming off. This isn’t just some barren lumpy conglomeration of rock, it’s got its own life-cycle thing going on.

Still loads more to do to it of course. I was thinking of switching to a 4B to do the more detailed parts but the more I look at it I may just drop to a 7 or 6B.



Drawing the Moon

A return to my drawing ways and hopefully an end to the blasted block. I used an number of images of the full moon as reference for this. The background was done with an 8B pencil in more layers than I thought I would need, while the body of the moon was done with a 4B pencil. There was no smudging and I did my best to avoid pressing on hard, even though it can be so tempting.

moon drawing in progress


This took nearly six months to complete and I nearly came to a grinding halt at several points but I just grit my teeth and kept slogging on. I think the results were well worth it. I got it framed just to remind myself – I can do this.

final moon framed



A Little More Space Art

I adore Vija Celmin’s comet picutres so I did one of my very own. I used some old astro-photos from the 1900’s as a starting point. All done with a 0.5mm drawing pen.

And here is a fantastic example of when things go wrong. It’s too easy for me to turn things in to patterns as this poor picture shows, it was going quite well up untill the point where I tackled the gas giant. I’m sure with the universe being the strange and wonderful place that it is that some where out there there is a gas giant that looks like a giant, spherical florentine cushion and that this is a good visual approximation of it.

Moon Landscape

This is based on a picture I recently saw from one of the Apollo Moon landings. The right side is based on the photo while the left side is entirely a product of my imagination, and the whole thing was done entirely with sharpie markers.

Space Art Medely

Here’s some completely random stuff that I did some months age and haven’t put up here.

A couple of pen and ink drawings based on the idea of alien worlds –

This is a gouache painting that was inspired by the cover of a New Scientist magazine. The artist had done a really beautiful landscape set on Titan and I just had to do my own –

Entering The Derby Open

There’s an annual art exhibition at the Derby Museum & Art Gallery and this year I’ve entered two pictures in it. After much thought I’ve put forward some of my pen & ink space art pictures, both of them definitely owe a lot to Vija Celmins. Yes, I really did draw around every single one of those stars 🙂 . It’s a very good way of making your eyes go funny.

I should know within the next couple of days whether I’ve been accepted or not.