Batman v Superman


I went to see it on the 25th in 3d and…seriously I need to see it again I think before I can really give a good opinion of it, plus I’m definitely going to view it in 2d next time.

My eyesight and the 3d-ness weren’t always compatible, with things on the screen appearing double in places. One of the trials of being short-sighted, it’s bad enough wearing one pair of glasses, but two?

One thing I am very clear on is that the critics are very wrong, this is not a terrible movie. It is a very dense film that makes no allowences for viewers who are unfamiliar with the source material. You also have to be on your toes as it jumps from character view-point to character view-point. Fall asleep, lose concentration, miss anything at all and you’ll be left wondering what the heck is going on.

It is also very much a DC movie, richly gothic and dark and dramatic and brooding in a way that Marvel’s comics never are, which I think makes a nice contrast. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t lighter moments, like Alfred’s bemoaning the lack of little Waynes running around, and just his general verbal poking of Bruce.

That leads me to the acting, which was brilliant. Affleck got the Bat down in a way that I don’t think anyone has managed before, Cavill was great too, but I really enjoyed Gadot. She really came over brilliantly as this metahuman who was sort of living among humanity but slightly removed, but then things starting happening and Wayne susses her out and she gets drawn back into really living rather than just exsisting. Her conscience won’t allow her to do anything else.

Oh yes, and Lex Luthor is just about the mose twisted evil psychotic sack of dnakey poo ever. You only realise just how far he’d gone plotting and setting everything up to his owns ends somewhere near the end of the film.

It appears I have an opinon afterall…but yes, I need to see it again but preferably in 2d.