Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


So finally we’re going to get some more Harry Potter, a play in fact, set years after Harry’s time at Hogwarts. Which is excellant, more fuel for the fanfic fires. But I understand there’s been some controversy over it due to one of the casting choices.


The person chosen for the role of Hermione is Noma Dumezweni, an actress who’s had roles in everything from Macbeth to The Bill to Doctor Who. Obviously a versatile and hard-working lady.

So what’s the controversy?

Ms Dumezweni is black.

Personally I’m really struggling to see why Ms Dumezwani’s casting is such a problem. Coming from a background of heavy fanfiction consumption I’ve seen so many variations on the diffrent characters of Harry Potter that really, what’s the issue? This is just another variation on a much loved character and it will be extremely interesting to see what Ms Dumezweni brings to the role…but compared to fanfiction, seriously, her casting is increadibly vanilla…and rather safe.

And here’s some evidence to prove my case…

…if you thing black!Hermione is challenging how about…

dark lady!Hermione






Pregnant cat!Hermione




JK Rowling: Harvard Speech 2008

This was recommended to me by someone I know so I went looking.

What can I say? Inspiring, encouraging, highlighting the importance of imagination and creativity and their role in being able to think outside the box and see the world from a diffrent point of view.

I’ve been attacked so many times for my “head-in-the-clouds” tendencies and how I should “stop it now” because my obbssesions annoyed someone; Rowling I think, has nailed it on the head. How can you have empathy if you lack the flexibility of mind to see the world outside your own narrow view. I think this is rather important.

FanFiction – I’ve Written How Much?

Well on my way 400k words of fanfiction which seems rather crazy when I stop to thnk about it. Hmmm…

…and then I go on to the fact that I prefere to write out my stories on paper first before commiting them to the computer. It allows me a chance for a first edit, check the grammer, shift and twiddle things around and that. It also means I’ve got serious quantities of notebooks full of writing, as you can see.


Thanks to the ring-binding they have an annoying habit of falling apart. I’m trying to switch to a smaller format rather than having to lug something A4 around with me all the time. Not much joy so far since I’m actually using a ring-binder at the moment.

Once it’s in the computer then my brilliant Beta gets stuck in, correcting all the grammer and spelling I missed and making helpful and interesting suggestions, and pointing out those annoying plot holes that snuck by me.

And this is where it all started, the very first page of Inquisitor Carrow and The God-Emperorless Heathens, which made it on to the internet more or less as I wrote it.


This was in the spring of 2012. I’d dabbled with writing fan-fiction before this, had actually started several stories but been utterly unsatisfied with them, and then Inquisitor Carrow marched on to my mental stage, pretty much fully formed, demanding to be written, and that, as they say, was that…