The Art of Don Dixon

I’ve been researching the work of established Space artists and discovered the work of Don Dixon. I particuly like this image, a very good visual explanation of possible development paths of brown dwarf stars.


Thinking about space art.

This is a pen drawing I did a couple of weeks ago, it’s actually A3 sized and was a lot of fun to do. To get the Sun perfectly circular I drew around a dinner plate as I didn’t want to make holes in the paper with a compass. The squiggles that I used to represent the granulation of the photosphere took a while to do and was a real fiddle but the result is so worth it. I’m not entirely happy with the background but that is something that I can improve on.

I’m seriously considering the possibility of  doing space art on the back of this picture. The research and test drawings that I did to reach this point were so much more satisfiying than any attempts at picture book illustration that I’ve done.