Drawing the Moon

A return to my drawing ways and hopefully an end to the blasted block. I used an number of images of the full moon as reference for this. The background was done with an 8B pencil in more layers than I thought I would need, while the body of the moon was done with a 4B pencil. There was no smudging and I did my best to avoid pressing on hard, even though it can be so tempting.

moon drawing in progress


This took nearly six months to complete and I nearly came to a grinding halt at several points but I just grit my teeth and kept slogging on. I think the results were well worth it. I got it framed just to remind myself – I can do this.

final moon framed




Artist’s Block

artists block

Otherwise know as the artist’s ulitmate nightmare, a soul crushing inability to produce a single meaningful image at all…and I’m only just begining to see the other side of it.

This wouldn’t be the first time this happened to me. After I completed my art foundation I found myself utterly unintrested in art of any kind at all, a state which lasted nearly a year. This time had been rather diffrent, I’ve wanted desperately to draw but everything I’ve touched as turned to ash, at times even being unable to put pencil to paper, it’s been that extreme, an increadibly depressing situation to be in. The only approach I have found that works for me in this situation had basically been to go and do something else for a while.

Thank goodness for the fan-fiction, it has been keeping me sane, and creative in the meantime.

Except it’s now been close on two whole years since I’ve actually managed to do any meaningful art, a terrible situation for anyone to be in. Which led me to looking at the coping methods of other fellow afflicted arty types…a quick scurry over to youtube and I was amazed and feeling much more cheerful about the whole situation, given the literally thousands of videos dealing with the topic. There were so many approaches and opinions and…and…
This one particulalarly caught my eye, and made me feel a lot more positive about my situation. I had just never considered Artist’s Block like this before…