Broken Eggshell

Latest drawing. This is another image based on “found objects” (or should that be found things) that I’ve taken photographs of.

I used coloured graphite pencils for this one.

WP_20151103_001 (2)

And a little close up…

WP_20151103_002 (2)

I’ve always been a little nervous about being able to see the pencil marks in a drawing. If they’re not carefully handled they can look very messy and ruin an otherwise good image. So I’ve been working hard on making sure I’m always working in the same direction. It’s been very worth it.


Road Kill

Some time ago I started taking pictures of any unfortunate creatures that I happened to walk past on my daily travels, mainly in the hopes that one day I’d turn them into or use them as the basis for drawings or paintings or something creative. The stupid artist’s block had got to stop at some point hadn’t it?

Hence one afternoon, spotting a very dead and rather squashed rat I rushed over and took several photos on my phone, ignoring the suspicious looks the workers at the car-tyre place who’d drive I was busily crouching in were giving me. After I went on my way they came to investigate and when I went past the dead ratty was very definitely gone. But I got a drawing out of it.

This was coloured pencils. I hadn’t really thought of them as a legitimate medium since I was a kid, but since getting back into pencils I thought “heck why not.” I’m very encouraged by the results.

ratty (2)