Another Brown Dwarf

Here is my second attempt at a brown dwarf. I think I got the glow a bit better on this one, I used more dark red in it. The really annoying thing was I realised I hadn’t quite got the dwarf circular after I’d scanned it in 😦


Sketching on the Washlands

Today I ended up sitting out on the Washlands drawing in between the gym and going to work. I think the Washlands must be a feature unique to Burton-on-Trent. It’s this area of land which runs either side of the river Trent, which runs through the centre of town, and instead of being built on it’s used  for recreational purposes and part of it is a nature reserve. It also floods regularly. Running alongside the Washlands each side are substantial flood defenses which are 6′ high in places.

This particular spot which I stopped at is less than 5mins walk from the main shopping area of the town.

Inspiration for Brown Dwarf Paintings – Jupiter in the Infrared

To try and get an idea of what a Brown Dwarf star might possibly look like I decided that images of Jupiter in the infrared would be a good starting point. Jupiter’s interior is much warmer than it’s outer layer of clouds and this contrast shows up nicely in the images.

The highlighted glowing spot on the above image is where comet shoemaker-levey 9 collided with Jupiter.

And here are some images contrasting visible light with infrared images of the same area. By combining the details of the visible light images with the glowing of the infrared I’m hoping to achieve something believable.