Keeping my New Years resolution.

So far, so good. This one has been sitting around for months at just a rough outline waiting for me to do something with it. So this week I attacked it with several 8B pencils 🙂 The board that it’s pinned to is more or less A1 sized. I’m not sure quite what I was thinking when I started a drawing this large of Comet 67p, I think I’d just been really impressed by some of the utterly gorgeous images that Rosetta sent back with all the jets of material coming off. This isn’t just some barren lumpy conglomeration of rock, it’s got its own life-cycle thing going on.

Still loads more to do to it of course. I was thinking of switching to a 4B to do the more detailed parts but the more I look at it I may just drop to a 7 or 6B.



Earth From Space

There’s nothing like seeing your home planet from space for inspiration.

This was snapped by the Mars probe Nozomi…

Here is our home snapped from Mars…


And this one is from Saturn courtesy of Cassini…

I’m glad that’s over

Well I managed to do my presentation finally, and it wasn’t a complete disastor, and nobody fell asleep during it, and I got asked some interesting questions…so all good in the end 🙂

Just going to place this here…

Visualising the Unseen

for safe keeping.

Things I need to consider,

…more images form the astronomy, we aren’t talking the pretty ones either, the working images of hard to see objects.

…so I’ve managed to pick a range of artists who all depict space objects but have widely differing views (Chesely Bonestell, Greg Martin and Vija Celmins) do I need to add to them?

…emphsise the different layers of a space art image, I’ve lloked at the  science level and the art level. Do I need to consider a philosophical level too? Ideas behind infinite space and humanity’s place in the universe maybe?

I can see my Christmas holiday is just going to be full of work 😦 on the upside I’m going to have fun deciding what I want to with my big project next term 🙂

Gas Giants and Their Weather

I’ve been looking at ways in which I can make my depiction of brown dwarfs more interesting so I’ve taken a look at the sort of weather that our gas giants experience. Things like aurora and lightning storms for instance.

Aurora first, here are ones on Saturn

And Jupiter…

While here’s some lightning…

…on Saturn.

…and Jupiter.