Some Sewing or Fueling the Burda Addiction

A little top I knocked up from the May Burda from a stray meter of cotton that I’d got hanging around. It’s one of those garments that looks like nothing on the hanger but much better on. It’s been wonderfully comfortable in the few days of nice weather that we’ve had.


The back opening is a nice detail though it was interesting finding suitable buttons to use i.e. ones that won’t dig into my back.



The Stray Dress

I’d thought I’d posted about this dress but looking through I realised I’d overlooked it. I got given this amazing fabric as a gift and it was a while before I found a dress pattern that I thought would really do it justice. It’s another Burda special and works very nicely. I boned the bodice to help it keep its shape when worn.

I also made it a petticoat as well just to give the skirt a bit of body. The fabric I used is black broderie anglaise and refuse to photograph well so I’ve ended up doing a little of diagram of what I did. I used the skirt panel pieces from the dress and gave them a casing at the top for the elasticated waist. For the bottom ruffle I cut a long strip 1.5 times the length of the skirt panel. The hem finish is actually one of the fancy stitches from my sewing machine. I just trimmed up to the edge of it to get an instant decorative hem.

Sewing & Burda

I’ve finally done some more sewing using a pattern from a Burda magazine. I’ve been after a woven fabric top as an alternate to wering t-shirts all the time and this particular design was just perfect.

Typically for Burda though bits of the instructions were fairly cryptic. I think sometimes being translated form German really makes the comprehension suffer. I gave up on how they recommended applying the bias trim to the neck and arm holes and looked that type of finish up in a sewing manuel I have. I think the results are pretty respectable.

Sewing R&R

I’ve had a seriously hectic weekend thanks to work so I finally had an evening to myself. I’ve worked on this skirt for about 5hrs to get it in to this state, I started off with the individual pieces. There’s not much left to do to finish it off, I just need to sew the side panels in and then do the back seam and zip, waistband and then put the hem up. I don’t trust myself to do any more to it tonight so I’m going to bed 🙂