That Essay :-(

I know the uni is calling it a dissertation but frankly it’s an extented eassay . It’s only 6K words long and we’ve only been given about 3 months to do it in including research.

This is the introduction. It’s more than a little rough and frankly basic, and I’d be the first to admit that I’m not a natural writer 😦 I need a better definition of what Space Art is.





Night-time Fog

I’ve got really caught up in the slog of getting my eassay done over the holiday so I’ve been meaning to put these photos up for a few days now.

Since we’ve warmed up and lost the snow we’ve been having non-stop fog and it looks amazing at night when it spreads out all the light from the street lamps.

Change in the Weather

I’ve finally got some time to myself so I’m here posting all things I’ve been meaning to put up for the past week.

We’d had all that really icy weather for ages where it was just too cold to snow. There was just frost building up over everything like this…

and then over night the temperature went up and I woke up to this…

It’s nice to be warmer even though I’ve managed to fall over on compacted snow, only my dignity got bruised though 🙂