More Inquisitor Carrow Fanart

Now that uni is pretty much finished I’ve been trying to clear up my desktop from the sea of little folders and random pictures that have sprouted there like bathroom mold. So in among the skeletons I found this drawing I’d done some time ago for the first Inquisitor Carrow story of Lockhart and his rather nasty end. It’s a little rough around the edges so I’ve tweaked it a little and then added a bit of basic colour, but you get the idea 🙂 I’m busily writing the sequel at the moment and trying to stop of it from tying its plot in knots; it’s proving difficult, a bit like wrestling eels. I’ll get there in the end 😀

lockharts nasty demise RESIZE


Inquisitor Carrow and the God-Emperorless Heathens

I admit to being a bit addicted to fan-fiction, like may be a lot 😀  So unable to quite find what I wanted I tried to write some of my own. I’ve certainly learnt a new respect to all those fan-fiction writers out there. It is hard work. So after several non-starters and things that didn’t go any where I finally came up with the idea for Inquisitor Carrow and the God-Emperorless Heathens At the time I had been searching through the internet looking for cross-overs between Harry Potter and Warhammer 40,000 my two absolute favourites with little success but convinced that it would be possible to do.

So I sat down and thought about you could cross the two with out WH40k completely destroying the Potter-verse. In the end up came up with the idea of Harry getting booted to WH40k and growing up there. But then it was a matter of what would he become. I ran through as many of the things that would happen to a potential psyker as I could. Being fed to the Emperor was out straight away, but then there were all the things like Astropath, Battle Psyker to the Imperial Gaurd, part of an Inqusitorial retinue or even an Inquisitor, or possibly even a Librarian of the Adeptus Astartes. I ended up with the Inquisitor idea on the grounds that he’d be less likely to immediately curb-stomp Hogwarts and more likely try and infilatrate and subvert the Ministry for Magic. So Inquisitor Carrow was born and then he got larger and larger until he demanded power armour and threatened to sulk if he didn’t get it. Yes, he got the gene-seed. I worked out a load of back-story for why it happens involving Harry’s very dodgy adoptive father that I will slowly reveal over times.

Well, the story so far is posted over on and here’s some fan-art to go with it 😀 A drawing which I then coloured in.


Painting in the GIMP

I admit I’m tending to use fan-art as an excuse to experiment with digital techniques. I think it’s because I see it as “not serious” so I can experiment, play around with techniques and just really enjoy myself. The results really play dividends.

So this started off as a photo of an actual model which I painted over just using the simple round brush tool. The sky background is another photo which I blurred up a bit and added a bit of texture to so it would blend in with the painting. The only bit really that I dislike is the lettering on the shoulder trim but that’s just practice I suppose.

Kind of Clip-Art

This is an image I made for a relative who is the editor for Rotherham Minster’s parish magazine (open most days! 🙂 ). I had to make sure it was appropriately sober (so no bats) and take in to account that it was going to be reproduced in black&white.

I started of with photographs of the church taken from the desired angle and then drew over the top of them in the GIMP. I used a layer of black grey white and the background graduation. The eraser tool saw heavy use 🙂

Says it All


Just something random that occurred to me. So there are lots of very well qualified unemployed people around. Isn’t dangerous to have highly intelligent and knowledgeable people getting increasingly resentful and angry about the lack of prospects e.t.c that they find themselves facing?