I Hate Adult Colouring Books


They’re frightening popular as the shelves of my local branch of WHSmiths shows. Unfortunately these colouring horrors are squeezing out art magazines, hobbiest as well as more serious ones, including my absolute favourite Juxtapoz. This is an American comtemporary art magazine which showcases the work of really interesting and talented artists from around the world that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see…and now I can’t get my hands on it will struggle to get to see 😦 their website, though nice, isn’t anywhere near as good as the magazine itself.

And it’s not much better over by their selection of art books.


Most of what they have on offer are the dreaded colouring books; in fact next to their “art” section is a full section display of the blasted things. All that’s left is a few how-to books for popular media like water-colours and acrylics, and things like “365 things to draw”.

I’m frustrated, beyond frustrated. I’m also dubious as to their claims of being theraputic. I have actually tried some myself and ended up bining them when they resulted in several months of my getting nothing very much at all done. I found them to be an extremely soporifc experience rather like day-time television, neither creative nor a helpful release for any stress or tension I might have been experiencing. In fact because I wasn’t getting of my own work done I ended up feeling worse than if I hadn’t touched the blasted things.

Maybe some people do find them helpful but I do not, and now I see them taking over the subject that I love so much.