The Fairys Strike Back

More fairy pictures! This is the last one in the book I’ve made, so that is now finally finished 🙂

I’ve done three variations on this image using different textures and filters all thanks to the glorious GIMP. I’m not sure which one I like the most though.


These are the final drawings that went in as well.


A Little More Space Art

I adore Vija Celmin’s comet picutres so I did one of my very own. I used some old astro-photos from the 1900’s as a starting point. All done with a 0.5mm drawing pen.

And here is a fantastic example of when things go wrong. It’s too easy for me to turn things in to patterns as this poor picture shows, it was going quite well up untill the point where I tackled the gas giant. I’m sure with the universe being the strange and wonderful place that it is that some where out there there is a gas giant that looks like a giant, spherical florentine cushion and that this is a good visual approximation of it.

Moon Landscape

This is based on a picture I recently saw from one of the Apollo Moon landings. The right side is based on the photo while the left side is entirely a product of my imagination, and the whole thing was done entirely with sharpie markers.

More Misfits Fan-art

I was inspired by some of the recent chapters of Misfits to do some illustrating for it. There’s this scene where The Inquisitor that the Storm Ravens have basically shanghaied makes her displeasure known. They have good reasons for doing it and she knows but it’s the principle of the thing 🙂

I was trying to go for a slightly amused expression for the space marine but I’ve had varying reactions to it, and the background could definitely use some work. As far as digital art work goes this is probably the most polished thing I’ve managed to produce so far. I ended up with over 20 layers at one point.



Grief Themed Pictures

I was asked some months ago to makes some pictures themed around grief.

This first one is more a diagram than any thing else, the black ball symbolises grief while the jar is the mind/soul of the sufferer, the idea being that grief isn’t something that gets smaller with time (the three little jars on the left) but rather something that you have to grow in order to cope with (the big jar on the right). I hope that makes sense. The person who asked me to make these images gave me a brilliant explanation that was very inspirational and that I can only remember bits of, very frustrating.

This second image is very much a mood piece. I was trying to convey the feelings of loss and loneliness that grief can cause without resorting to cliched imagery. I’m happy with how it has worked though the finish could be better. This is also the first image where I’ve added texture by layering in a photo over the orginal drawing which has worked quite nicely.

The Advantage of Having An Artist Relative…or Not

So because of my current situation financially and job-wise I’ve really not got much change in my pocket. To say the Christmas just past was interesting was putting it mildly 😦  My solution was to make every body a picture with the result I was able to give my family something very personal and unique made especially for them while spending very little.

For example, this is a portrait of a much loved and very departed family member. Curling up with one eye just slightly open was just so typical of her, she was always keeping an eye on what we were doing.

Then I did a Hubble inspired painting on a box canvas so I could wrap the galaxies around the edges of the picture. It kind of worked and I’ve been asked to make a friend for it so I’m taking it it was liked.

And last of all…this was requested, as a challenge to me, and it most certainly was. Snakes are just SO hard to draw. I’m still not happy with it 😦