Snow…maybe we’ll get more…

Lovely snow, typical how it cleared up just in time for Christmas. And also typical the forecast for a dip in temperature, and more snow in the next few days. I love the British weather.




I haven’t been active on here in a very long time having been spending more time on places like tumblr and pinterest.

Thanks to a nasty incident involving a toilet I got a new phone, like a proper smartphone. So I’ve now got an app for this  site, no longer am I tied to the laptop so posting should be easier, more spontaneous…maybe.




Another lady artist I’ve come across completley by accident,Hannah Gluckstein who much preffered to be called Gluck, no titles, no honorifics. She was very specific about that.

A biography of Gluck

Just why hadn’t I heard about this amazing sharp dressing lady before? It’s really sad that; she was so talented, painted landscapes, portraits, flower portraits and even some more sort of genre subjects. She even campaingned to improve and standardised artists paints after WWII, and she experineced artists block. I can really relate to that, struggling with it myself.



Art Hack

I’m always losing my rubbers and sharpners and bits and pieces when I draw. I put them down and it’s like they sprout legs and run off and hide, so after getting completely frustrated with all this and the fact that I’ve got about six pencil sharpners as a result (bought when I couldn’t find the others, but I really needed one) I came up with a solution…


Those pencil sharpners aren’t running away now 😀

White Collar Boxing


I went to an event in May mainly to support a friend from Karate who was actually competeing, and it was absolutley with out a doubt the best evening out I’ve ever had. I’m not the social type at all, I don’t enjoy special occasions and dressing up and crowds of people. It’s pretty much my worst nightmare but this was diffrent. Getting to watch ordinary people, people who had only had eight weeks training get into a boxing ring and fight their hearts out was just so…so…

These people had worked so hard, had sweated blood and tears to get into that ring. It was just so impressive.

So I signed up. I’m a week into the training now and having so much fun. There’s a certain amount of cross-over between karate and something like boxing, there are only a certain number of ways it is possible to punch some one afterall. I’ve learnt to put on hand-wraps which is something I’m very excited about, and hopefully over the next week or so we’ll start sparring and I’ll get an idea of the abilities of the other ladies who’ve signed up.

In the meantime I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK as this is a charity event. To get into that ring I need to raise a minimum of £50 though I’d like to raise more. I know not many people actually look at this particular blog, but still…

Sophia’s Justgiving page

No amount is too small, it all adds up 😀