Birthday Jumper

A lovely present from a relative, she knitted this for me herself and it is absolutely beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

and a closeup of the pattern…


Fan-fic Favs: Part 1

One of my guilty pleasures is reading excessive quantities of fan-fiction, either Warhammer 40k or Harry Potter. I seriously enjoy watching people playing “what if” with established universes, characters and plots and coming with really imaginative pieces, some of which I think rival the originals. Due to the sheer quantity available I thought I’d put together some links to some of my favourites starting with WH40k.

These are a couple of fics which tell their stories within the WH40k universe without out any total strangeness. First ofย  all the wonderful Misfits which tells the story of three people as they are accepted as initiates for astartes training and how they cope with it.

The Misfits

This one is more a collection of short stories told from the point of view of the sergeant of a tactical squad. It’s got a very “Brothers of the Snake” feel to it.

Sons of Orpheus

Thanks to the Horus Heresy books there’s now lots of material to build on for a Crusade-era story like this one where Lister and his friends are taken on as recruits for an experimental squad.

The Great Crusade – Lunatic Wolf

A very nice WH 40K/ Bablyon 5 cross over with the main protagonist being an Inquisitor, his small retinue and a Rogue Trader ship.

The Circle Must Be Broken

And now in to the realm of sheer weirdness. I admit at one point to looking for stories with the most unlikely possible crosses possible and unearthed some bizarre little gems.

Seriously, Scoobie-doo replaced with a very annoyed dreadnought.

Scoobie the Dreadnought

And here’s the Teletubbies getting what they deserve ๐Ÿ˜€

Teletubbies – Imperial Purge

And to finish, possibly the strangest fan-fic I’ve come across, WH40k/Winnie the Pooh, o.O and it works!

Berserker Hell