The Stray Dress

I’d thought I’d posted about this dress but looking through I realised I’d overlooked it. I got given this amazing fabric as a gift and it was a while before I found a dress pattern that I thought would really do it justice. It’s another Burda special and works very nicely. I boned the bodice to help it keep its shape when worn.

I also made it a petticoat as well just to give the skirt a bit of body. The fabric I used is black broderie anglaise and refuse to photograph well so I’ve ended up doing a little of diagram of what I did. I used the skirt panel pieces from the dress and gave them a casing at the top for the elasticated waist. For the bottom ruffle I cut a long strip 1.5 times the length of the skirt panel. The hem finish is actually one of the fancy stitches from my sewing machine. I just trimmed up to the edge of it to get an instant decorative hem.


Says it All


Just something random that occurred to me. So there are lots of very well qualified unemployed people around. Isn’t dangerous to have highly intelligent and knowledgeable people getting increasingly resentful and angry about the lack of prospects e.t.c that they find themselves facing?

End of a Landmark

The big brewery tower that has dominated the Burton sky line for years is currently being demolished. It’s a real pity, I think most people were rather found of the concrete horror (myself included). At one point it even had a digital clock and thermometer display on the top.

Quick Space Marine Sketch

I quickly did this in the GIMP just using the pen tool and transparent layers. I’m sort of pleased with the way it worked out as I’m slowly finding my way around the whole digital art thing. One of the most useful things I discovered recently was being able to make up my own pallettes. It’s really irritating when your having to fiddle around trying to find that really nice shade of red again.

Yes this is fairly gruesome, and yes this is another Misfits fan art. Chapter 68 has a scene where cultists pretty much attack Alastor and his brothers with little more than crude clubs (think chair legs) and determination.