So I finally had a holiday…

…in Edinburgh, somewhere that I’ve never been before. Which turned out to be absolutley brilliant.

I’d been assured by family members that it would be cold, so I took a nice sensible coat and plenty of jumpers and other warm clothes, none of which I ended up wearing thanks to the week long heat wave. I spent much of my time wearing jeans and t-shirts and worrying about sun-burn, and wishing I’d brought shorts.

The top two floors of the middle building belong to the flat we stayed in, and the right hand gable was my bedroom window. Absolutely awesome 😀


And this was the view out the front door. I got used to sprial staircases very quickly, and frankly stairs in strange and random places fullstop, because Edinburgh seems to have more than its fair share of them.


And then we have Arthur’s Seat. It’s like a baby mountain plonked down in the middle of Edinburgh surrounded by smaller hills and little lakes and a river on one side, and it is utterly beautiful. As soon as I saw it I was determined to go and climb up it.

auther's seat (2)


And so I did 🙂 and met some of those famous Scottish midges while I was about it. I think they must have been confused by the unseasonal heat.

more athaur's seat (2)




A litte random extra – on my way up on the train I spotted this little house huddled by trees, straight out of some grusome fairy tale.

journey up (2)