Composition Sketches

I’m working on what composition I want for my next final piece. I always start off with really simple scribbled sketches and then build up from there. In this one I want to show a really old and dark brown dwarf that is in the halo of our galaxy. I want to be able to get across the huge distances and the sheer loneliness of this object, as well as play with a dark object against a much lighter background.


I think this is the one I’m going to go with, I think it’s got plenty of depth within it. There are some nice diagonals within it which lead the eye from the brown dwarf to the galaxy.


It’s Freezing :-(

Me and cold do not get along to the point where it has been affecting my work, and since I’ve got piles of things to do by Thursday this is NOT a good thing. At least all the snow and frost looks pretty. Took all these while walking in to Burton. It’s possible to reach the town centre by walking along the river which is surronded by fields and nature reserves.


And this is pretty typical of the centre of town. Brewery buildings cuddling up to one of the local shopping centres. And all looking very frosty and cold.


Galaxy Studies

For the second final piece I want to do a brown dwarf that’s in our galaxy’s halo. I can have fun playing around with contrast between the dark brown dwarf and the bright galaxy. So with that in mind I’ve started doing studies towards it to make sure I’ll be able to do the background justice. These are the results so far.







I Love Fire

Have some photos of fire. Here’s the actual fire lighting process starting with screwed up bits of paper to start with, (and yes I will clear my grate out 🙂 )

Set them on fire,

Add the fire lighters,

Now the fire wood can go on,

And now the coal/ smokeless fuel,

It takes about 20mins or so for the fuel to properly light so it looks a bit dull for a while. There’s no smoke now because all the wood had burnt.

But after an hour you’ll end up with something like this which kicks off lots of heat,

A happy, well controlled fire 🙂