Snow…maybe we’ll get more…

Lovely snow, typical how it cleared up just in time for Christmas. And also typical the forecast for a dip in temperature, and more snow in the next few days. I love the British weather.




I haven’t been active on here in a very long time having been spending more time on places like tumblr and pinterest.

Thanks to a nasty incident involving a toilet I got a new phone, like a proper smartphone. So I’ve now got an app for this  site, no longer am I tied to the laptop so posting should be easier, more spontaneous…maybe.

White Collar Boxing


I went to an event in May mainly to support a friend from Karate who was actually competeing, and it was absolutley with out a doubt the best evening out I’ve ever had. I’m not the social type at all, I don’t enjoy special occasions and dressing up and crowds of people. It’s pretty much my worst nightmare but this was diffrent. Getting to watch ordinary people, people who had only had eight weeks training get into a boxing ring and fight their hearts out was just so…so…

These people had worked so hard, had sweated blood and tears to get into that ring. It was just so impressive.

So I signed up. I’m a week into the training now and having so much fun. There’s a certain amount of cross-over between karate and something like boxing, there are only a certain number of ways it is possible to punch some one afterall. I’ve learnt to put on hand-wraps which is something I’m very excited about, and hopefully over the next week or so we’ll start sparring and I’ll get an idea of the abilities of the other ladies who’ve signed up.

In the meantime I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK as this is a charity event. To get into that ring I need to raise a minimum of £50 though I’d like to raise more. I know not many people actually look at this particular blog, but still…

Sophia’s Justgiving page

No amount is too small, it all adds up 😀

Flucloxacillin Fiasco


So recently I had to take a week long course of flucloxacillin, all because of my usual summer problem, being bitten by insects. It happens every year and every year I end up covered in little(ish) lumps for a few months. Except this time it didn’t stay like that.

This was the initial lump that I dicovered the first evening while getting ready for bed. This is pretty normal for me so I didn’t much of it at the time.


Overnight it grew and developed…it looks a little shiny because of the hydrocortizone cream I was slapping on it. I got through an entire tube of the stuff in a couple of days. As you can see it started to develop rings and get really interesting looking…


…and it didn’t stop growing either. The day after my initial discovery of the bite I think it tripled in size at least untill it covered close to half my thigh…


This was the point when I decided I should take it to a doctors. It was really hot and swollen and it began to leak fluid quite badly from the central area which had gone oddly thick and hard. Actually getting into a doctors was a bit of an experince and I ended up going to the local out-of-hours clinic who are excellant, very helpful and friendly people, and gave me the prescription for the flucloxacillin.

The flucloxacillin ended up being even worse than the actuall insect bite, infected or not. It was like I’d suddenly developed a really bad cold, I was coughing and grotty feeling and all bunged up, ridiculously tired, and increasingly as the seven days went on I couldn’t eat solid food. My throat was too sore and painful and it was getting more and more difficult to swallow. At one point I even began to have difficulties speaking because my tounge began to be affected.

Should I have gone back to the doctors and explained what was happening, that the only thing I could manage to eat was jelly and yougurt? Maybe, possibly…probably. I think I jus got very fixated on finishing the course of tablets, antibiotics are something you don’t mess around with for very good reasons.

As soon as I finsished the course of tablets my health improved, I’m still coughing a little bit but I’m back on normal food and feeling pretty normal now, and if a doctor tires putting me flucloxacillin again I’m going to refuse it. I just have a nasty suspision that if my body reacted like this, this time, then next time it might be even worse. I don’t know for certain but do I really want to find out?

Dyslexia actually has some advantages…

Fancy that now….so there is actually a sugar coating to the misery of depression, poor self esteem and lack of self confidence, general under-achievement and serious anger issues that I like many other dyslexic have been left with thanks to our unpleasant brush with formal education. (I’m not including University in this, my uni experiences are almost all highly positive.)

Quite a few dyslexia-positive sites will give lists of the numerous advantages we have but I found the best summary at Dyslexia Advantage, they’d even got a nice acroynm for it, MIND. Apparently your avarage dyslexic won’t exhibit all of these traits but will definitely have one, maybe two if they’re lucky.

Material Reasoning – Reasoning about the position, form and movement of objects in 3d space.

I’ve heard some people describe having video screens in their minds. Personally it’s more like I’ve got an entire film studio complete with multilpe stage sets, lighting and atmospheric control, a few crew, actors, everything you can imagine…and all of it I can manipulate at the drop of a hat.

Interconected Reasoning The ability to spot, understand and reason about connections and relationships.

Absolutely essential for true creative thinking, out-of-the-box creativity. Take two unrelated and apparently incompatible things and put them together in new and interesting ways…and probably why writing cross-over fanfiction really appeals to some people. I will admit it I read things and then think “oh but this would be brilliant crossed with…” Things just click together in new and exciting ways.

Narrative Reasoning Ability to reason using fragments of memory formed from past personal experience.

I’m not sure I quite understand this one, I’m pretty certain I don’t do this.  At all.

Dynamic ReasoningAbility to accurately predict using patterns derived through experincing the future or the unwitnessed past.

Apart from sounding like clairvoyance I suspect that this one is probably very useful for business and the like, being able to think several moves ahead of everyone around you, or how about playing chess…