Christmas was quiet…

…really quiet, which was actually quite nice, and involved lots of film watching and reading and just general relaxing. I decided to go tinsel-less with the tree this year and it turned out so well I’m most likely to repeat the experience next year…


…the rest of my Christmas day was spent evicting sparrows. I can’t decide whether they were trying to get in out of the weather or they were looking for nesting sights…


The second one a male was really confident and let me get quite close before deciding he prefred the bathroom to my company. It made it easier evicting him.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


So finally we’re going to get some more Harry Potter, a play in fact, set years after Harry’s time at Hogwarts. Which is excellant, more fuel for the fanfic fires. But I understand there’s been some controversy over it due to one of the casting choices.


The person chosen for the role of Hermione is Noma Dumezweni, an actress who’s had roles in everything from Macbeth to The Bill to Doctor Who. Obviously a versatile and hard-working lady.

So what’s the controversy?

Ms Dumezweni is black.

Personally I’m really struggling to see why Ms Dumezwani’s casting is such a problem. Coming from a background of heavy fanfiction consumption I’ve seen so many variations on the diffrent characters of Harry Potter that really, what’s the issue? This is just another variation on a much loved character and it will be extremely interesting to see what Ms Dumezweni brings to the role…but compared to fanfiction, seriously, her casting is increadibly vanilla…and rather safe.

And here’s some evidence to prove my case…

…if you thing black!Hermione is challenging how about…

dark lady!Hermione






Pregnant cat!Hermione



Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I am so excited about this movie, but at the same time rather nevrous. Like many I’m sure, I’ve been disappointed by previous attempts at depicting this pair in films (Batman & Robin anyone? I think Superman’s had a little more luck) that failed to really do these two complicated characters justice. But finally, finally…maybe a little hope?