Second Animated Storyboard

I’ve finally finished my second animation story board, 44 A6 images made using felt-tips. I’ve been getting through the things in a matter of days. I’m sure the art shop is sick of the sight of me πŸ™‚


Just Letting the Paint Flow :-)

I’ve started on some little studies just to get the feel of what a super-heated landscape would feel like. It’s more a flow of consciousness type thing with these studies as I did six of them, one after the other, in the space of about four hours yesterday evening. I’m still happy with them πŸ™‚ Here are three of the best …

Different Approaches

I’ve been trying to think of different ways of imaging Kepler 10b so looking round the web seeing what others have done I came across this…

…a view from the edge of the permanently heated side with dramatic lava flows and volcanic activity.Β  This is just so apocalyptic,Β  I reckon that I could get all sorts of art references in to an image taking a similar approach.

At the moment my google-fu is seriously letting me down on the “end of the world”Β  images, just lots of 2012 stuffΒ  😦 very irritating.

A Little Animation

I’m determined to do some animations this term so today I went and sat in Starbucks and drew some basic slides as an initial storyboard, as you do πŸ™‚

At the moment the only way I can animate anything at home is through the “make a movie” feature in Windows Media Player. This wretched thing assumes that what you really want to make is a fancy slide show of your holiday snaps so it automatically gives each slide about 2mins, the smallest amount of time it will allow for each slide is 4secs. When making stop motion animation by contrast you need to have a minimum of 12 slides per second, ideally 24 slides to get nice smooth motion, so I’ll only be ever able to get anything pathetically jerky out of this thing 😦

Well here are the results…

Pop-up Fun

As a bit of fun and to make my sketch-book more interesting and tactile I’ve started adding some paper engineering, nothing fancy to begin with, just this…

the left-hand side, the star goes up and down. Just a simple begining :-), I’ve even added a little flick book of the animation story board I’ve been doing.

The inspiration for the pop-up came from this brilliant booklet I bought ages ago called Paper Engineering for Pop-up Books and Cards by Mark Hiner. It doesn’t just show you how to make 10 different pop-ups it also gives you an example that you have to assemble yourself. Here’s one I made earlier :-)…

Thinking about Mars Colonization

(This image taken by Spirit Rover so credit-NASA)

On Thursday (see how slow I am at writing) I finally got to meet some of the other students after about a month. I always end up sitting with these guys who are great and are probably some of the nerdiest people in the room. They’re both in to concept art which meshes well with my space art, so of course we got down to discussing projects and the conversation inevatable gravitated to space colonisation, specifically Mars (though we did have a little think about the Moon too).

My position is that space colonisation is really important and we, as a species should go for it, our culture almost insists that we search out new places to live in and explore (just look at the picture above and imagine waking up and seeing that out of the window nowing that ahead is another day of going places no other human as ever been before. Just the thought of this gets me excited πŸ™‚ I’m sure this is s normal human reaction). If we don’t go ahead with this we’ll stagnate. The guy I was talking to was very concerned about the series of biological problems that we would be faced with while living in lower/no gravity compared to what we’re used to. My opinion – humanity is extremely flexible and is perfectly capable of finding ways around these problems and even evolving to cope with them at the biological level (though this will of course take a while)

So please somebody build those rockets and get us to another planet (even the Moon) I’ll be your first colonist πŸ˜€


New Project – New Sketchbook

There just something really nice about a new sketch book, absolutley pristine and untouched…

and this one is really nice with brown paper. I can either work in to it or use it for mounting other images on, really versatile.

It’s definetly not going to stay pristine for long :-)…

It’s going to be exoplanets form now till the end of May.