Kata – Part 2

The next five katas. Things start to get much harder…

Kushanku – this is the longest one. It took me ages to memorise it, and of course the whole process of polishing and refining is an on-going never ending task. The journey never ends…

Naihanchi – and this is probably the shortest…and possibly the hardest.

Chinto – I once did this with a piece of glass embedded in my right foot. Fun times.





JK Rowling: Harvard Speech 2008

This was recommended to me by someone I know so I went looking.

What can I say? Inspiring, encouraging, highlighting the importance of imagination and creativity and their role in being able to think outside the box and see the world from a diffrent point of view.

I’ve been attacked so many times for my “head-in-the-clouds” tendencies and how I should “stop it now” because my obbssesions annoyed someone; Rowling I think, has nailed it on the head. How can you have empathy if you lack the flexibility of mind to see the world outside your own narrow view. I think this is rather important.

So Now I’m Getting Older…

…I decided I’d start doing Karate again…over a year ago now. And it’s been absolutely brilliant 🙂 the fourteen year gap, it’s like it never happened. In fact I slotted back into it all so well I was graded (re-graded) my 1st Dan Black-Belt last November.

Absolutely and utterly brilliant!

My most favourite bit of karate ever is Kata. I love kata so mcuh. They’re such a challange, something that you never stop tweaking and improving and perfecting, no matter how well you know them…

So I’m just going to leave these here, the first five of the Wado Ryu kata in the order I was taught them…

Pinan Nidan

Pinan Shodan

Pinan Sandan

Pinan Yondan (though it sounds like yodan when we say it :-D)

Pinan Godan