Chimney is now…

…swept 😀 This is always the fun bit of autumn.

chimney sweep


Road Kill

Some time ago I started taking pictures of any unfortunate creatures that I happened to walk past on my daily travels, mainly in the hopes that one day I’d turn them into or use them as the basis for drawings or paintings or something creative. The stupid artist’s block had got to stop at some point hadn’t it?

Hence one afternoon, spotting a very dead and rather squashed rat I rushed over and took several photos on my phone, ignoring the suspicious looks the workers at the car-tyre place who’d drive I was busily crouching in were giving me. After I went on my way they came to investigate and when I went past the dead ratty was very definitely gone. But I got a drawing out of it.

This was coloured pencils. I hadn’t really thought of them as a legitimate medium since I was a kid, but since getting back into pencils I thought “heck why not.” I’m very encouraged by the results.

ratty (2)

Drawing the Moon

A return to my drawing ways and hopefully an end to the blasted block. I used an number of images of the full moon as reference for this. The background was done with an 8B pencil in more layers than I thought I would need, while the body of the moon was done with a 4B pencil. There was no smudging and I did my best to avoid pressing on hard, even though it can be so tempting.

moon drawing in progress


This took nearly six months to complete and I nearly came to a grinding halt at several points but I just grit my teeth and kept slogging on. I think the results were well worth it. I got it framed just to remind myself – I can do this.

final moon framed