Black-Belt Certification

muddy shoes

Just done my six month certification to prove, if just to myself that I’m still black-belt standard and I’m aching, and I’ve taken the skin off one of my toes.But I did get to try out my new sparring technique which is basically to get as close to my opponent as I can while flailing my fists. It sort of works. I also got punched in the face a lot. Fun times.

My karate club also has this “fun” thing with their black-belt gradings where early the next morning we all get to go on a lovely run with exercises and everything, for two hours. Generally it’s muddy, this time it was really muddy, and there’s always someone who turns up in their gi. I have no idea if that guy will ever his trousers clean again.


Karate Japanese

There are many sites which offfer vocabulary lists of Karate Japanese, but none of them quite have all the terms used by the club that I’m a member of. After a little begging I managed to get a comprehensive list and so now I’m putting it here where hopefully it will be helpful 🙂

Hand Techniques

  • Junzukifront punch.
  • Geyakazuki – reverse punch.
  • Junzuki notsa kami – leaning punch to the head.
  • Geyakazuki notae kami – leaning punch to the groin.
  • Negashazuki – slide across jab.
  • Yuraken – backfist.
  • Tomcommezuki – jab.
  • Zenzenzi jodan tudan renzuki – slide jab reverse.
  • Sureyashi zenzenzi jodan tudan renzuki – slide jab slide reverse.
  • Surey comme zenzenzi jodan tudan renzuki – the blitz.
  • Empey – elbow strike.
  • Solakwontrow geyakazuki – change stance on the spot to reverse punch position.

Leg Techniques

  • Geri – kick.
  • Miageri – front kick.
  • Mawashigeri – round kick.
  • Yokogeri – side kick.
  • Sokoto – also side kick but with the foot in a slightly diffrent postion. I think this one you strike with the heel rather than the blade of your foot.
  • Urageri – hook kick.
  • Mikazukageri – crescent kick.
  • Giyakato geri – axe kick.
  • Nidan geri – jumping front kick.
  • Nidan giyakato geri – jumping axe kick.
  • Asherageri – back kick.
  • Ashera mawashigeri – spinning hook kick.
  • Ashera yokogeri – turning side kick.
  • Mitobageri – jumping front kick on the spot.
  • Ashera nidan mikazukigeri – wheel kick.
  • Ashera nidan mawashigeri – wheel kick (I’m not sure if these denote diffrent approaches to the same technique).
  • Hashebri – front leg sweep.
  • Ashera ashebri – spinning sweep (otherwise know as how to hurt your hip very fast).

Blocking Techniques

  • Geyaka – reverse.
  • Jodanuki – head block.
  • Gedamboroi – lower block.
  • Ucheuki – inner block.
  • Soteuki – outer block.
  • Shutoki – shuto.


  • Zenkutsu dachi – front stance.
  • Kokutsu dachi – back stance.
  • Kiba dachi – horse stance.
  • Neko achi dachi – cat stance.
  • Gyako neko achi dachi – reverse cat stance.

Some more useful terms

  • Adarishezenti – left leg forward street fighting stance.
  • Adaregami – left leg forward guard position.
  • Mawate – turn.
  • Jodan – head.
  • Chudan – body.
  • Heeza – knee.

Kata – Part 3

Only five more to go, official kata that is…

Sieshan – I love the contrast between the slow and the fast sections in this.

Niseishi  – there are some interesting changes in stance to watch out for with this one.

Rohai – I know this is the next onw my club teaches, something to look forward to.



Kata – Part 2

The next five katas. Things start to get much harder…

Kushanku – this is the longest one. It took me ages to memorise it, and of course the whole process of polishing and refining is an on-going never ending task. The journey never ends…

Naihanchi – and this is probably the shortest…and possibly the hardest.

Chinto – I once did this with a piece of glass embedded in my right foot. Fun times.





So Now I’m Getting Older…

…I decided I’d start doing Karate again…over a year ago now. And it’s been absolutely brilliant 🙂 the fourteen year gap, it’s like it never happened. In fact I slotted back into it all so well I was graded (re-graded) my 1st Dan Black-Belt last November.

Absolutely and utterly brilliant!

My most favourite bit of karate ever is Kata. I love kata so mcuh. They’re such a challange, something that you never stop tweaking and improving and perfecting, no matter how well you know them…

So I’m just going to leave these here, the first five of the Wado Ryu kata in the order I was taught them…

Pinan Nidan

Pinan Shodan

Pinan Sandan

Pinan Yondan (though it sounds like yodan when we say it :-D)

Pinan Godan