Another lady artist I’ve come across completley by accident,Hannah Gluckstein who much preffered to be called Gluck, no titles, no honorifics. She was very specific about that.

A biography of Gluck

Just why hadn’t I heard about this amazing sharp dressing lady before? It’s really sad that; she was so talented, painted landscapes, portraits, flower portraits and even some more sort of genre subjects. She even campaingned to improve and standardised artists paints after WWII, and she experineced artists block. I can really relate to that, struggling with it myself.




Artist’s Block

artists block

Otherwise know as the artist’s ulitmate nightmare, a soul crushing inability to produce a single meaningful image at all…and I’m only just begining to see the other side of it.

This wouldn’t be the first time this happened to me. After I completed my art foundation I found myself utterly unintrested in art of any kind at all, a state which lasted nearly a year. This time had been rather diffrent, I’ve wanted desperately to draw but everything I’ve touched as turned to ash, at times even being unable to put pencil to paper, it’s been that extreme, an increadibly depressing situation to be in. The only approach I have found that works for me in this situation had basically been to go and do something else for a while.

Thank goodness for the fan-fiction, it has been keeping me sane, and creative in the meantime.

Except it’s now been close on two whole years since I’ve actually managed to do any meaningful art, a terrible situation for anyone to be in. Which led me to looking at the coping methods of other fellow afflicted arty types…a quick scurry over to youtube and I was amazed and feeling much more cheerful about the whole situation, given the literally thousands of videos dealing with the topic. There were so many approaches and opinions and…and…
This one particulalarly caught my eye, and made me feel a lot more positive about my situation. I had just never considered Artist’s Block like this before…

Family Matters – Millenium Gallery, Sheffield

This is on till the 29th April I think. It’s well worth a look as they’ve got many paintings on display that I’ve only ever seen as reproductions before. Seeing the actual works in the flesh you can really appreciate the sheer scale of them and the subtleties of the paint reproductions can never capture. I could talk about pretty much all the pictures on display, I had to work really hard to narrow it down.

“Sir Thomas Moore , his Father and his Decedents” In the style of Hans Holbein the Younger  – Rowland Lockey (1593)

This is an absolutely huge painting with the figures being pretty much life size. I think they might be slightly larger. It’s really interesting seeing the changes in fashion on the left and right hand sides.

“The Prodigal Daughter”  – John Collier (1903)

The conflict between generations is nothing new as this painting shows with the daughter apparently being a follower of the Arts&Crafts Movement. This was a time when William Morris was seen as edgy rather than representative of stuffy middle-class middle-England. Shows where today’s edgy will be in a couple of centuries time.

I think this picture is also begging for a caption competition. I’m going for “What HAVE you done to the dining-room curtains child?”

“Melaine and me Swimming”- Michael Andrews (1978-9)

This is an absolutely beautiful painting in the flesh. What the reproduction fails to show is the delacacie of the shades of blue of the water and the way it interacts with the two swimmers’ bodies. I also have a suspicion that the artist may have used an air-brush on this. It shows up in the very smooth finish and the beautiful graduations of colour.

“The Wide Sargasso Sea” – Paula Rego (2000)

What can I say. Rego does such amazing things with pastels. This duo is huge, 180 x 244cm for the top half and little panel underneath being 59 x 244cm. I just stood in front of it and drooled over her use of colour and line and texture.

Another Gift

I’m managing to do quite a good line in paintings as presents at the moment. This time I was requested ducks Do I went out to try and take pictures to use as reference. It’s amazing how fast the average mallard can waddle when faced with a camera.

The Advantage of Having An Artist Relative…or Not

So because of my current situation financially and job-wise I’ve really not got much change in my pocket. To say the Christmas just past was interesting was putting it mildly 😦  My solution was to make every body a picture with the result I was able to give my family something very personal and unique made especially for them while spending very little.

For example, this is a portrait of a much loved and very departed family member. Curling up with one eye just slightly open was just so typical of her, she was always keeping an eye on what we were doing.

Then I did a Hubble inspired painting on a box canvas so I could wrap the galaxies around the edges of the picture. It kind of worked and I’ve been asked to make a friend for it so I’m taking it it was liked.

And last of all…this was requested, as a challenge to me, and it most certainly was. Snakes are just SO hard to draw. I’m still not happy with it 😦

Space Art Medely

Here’s some completely random stuff that I did some months age and haven’t put up here.

A couple of pen and ink drawings based on the idea of alien worlds –

This is a gouache painting that was inspired by the cover of a New Scientist magazine. The artist had done a really beautiful landscape set on Titan and I just had to do my own –