Death: A Self Portrait

This was the exhibition of the Richard Harris collection at the Wellcome Trust held between November 2012 and February 2013. This was also the inspiration for my Final Major Project.

It has been many years since I went to London and then I saw this exhibition reviewed on the BBC website and I vowed I would go, a sort of New Year’s resolution if you will 🙂 In fact, in the end I managed to see it twice and enjoyed even more the second time.

This exhibition was laid out in a series of rooms which each dealt with a different aspect of death, each dealing with the different ways cultures and people have come to to cope and understand the loss of love ones and the ultimate end.

But I think it was the sheer variety of objects on display that was truly impressive. They didn’t have to be great works of art, though of course there were items by well known artists, most prominently being the series of prints “The War” by Otto Dix which were displayed all together as a wall of sheer pain and survival. But in fact many of the items were quite rustic, ordinary in their way, made by or of anonymous individuals. And this was very much the impression I left with, the sheer normalcy  and everyday-ness of death.

And the cafe was very good too 🙂







L0071821 Marcos Raya. Untitled (family portrait: g


Death: A Self Portrait, London






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