Some Sewing or Fueling the Burda Addiction

A little top I knocked up from the May Burda from a stray meter of cotton that I’d got hanging around. It’s one of those garments that looks like nothing on the hanger but much better on. It’s been wonderfully comfortable in the few days of nice weather that we’ve had.


The back opening is a nice detail though it was interesting finding suitable buttons to use i.e. ones that won’t dig into my back.



3 thoughts on “Some Sewing or Fueling the Burda Addiction

  1. Was that the tangerine orange version in Burda? So glad you have posted this because I haven’t seen any made up yet. I knew I would love it. Your fabric choice is lovely 🙂

    • Yes it was 🙂 from the May edition. I thought it was so cute in the picture I had to have my own version.
      I can understand not many people really going for Burda with you literally having to trace out the patterns by hand. It is worth all the hassle. I personally find Burda to be excellent value for money compared to the more main-stream paper patterns available. I also often slightly alter the patterns that I decide to use and I very rarely use the provided instructions either as I find them just too confusing. For techniques I’m not entirely comfortable with I fall back on my 70’s edition of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Home Sewing. It’s still available and I highly recommend it.

      • Thanks littlewhitecat. You certainly spurred me on and I began making one last night. Hopefully will be finished this evening and blogged by the weekend. I totally agree with your comments about Burda, not least of all the crazy instructions. I think alternative reference or plain common sense is key. Took me ages to figure what actually was a very simple neckline!

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