Quick Space Marine Sketch

I quickly did this in the GIMP just using the pen tool and transparent layers. I’m sort of pleased with the way it worked out as I’m slowly finding my way around the whole digital art thing. One of the most useful things I discovered recently was being able to make up my own pallettes. It’s really irritating when your having to fiddle around trying to find that really nice shade of red again.

Yes this is fairly gruesome, and yes this is another Misfits fan art. Chapter 68 has a scene where cultists pretty much attack Alastor and his brothers with little more than crude clubs (think chair legs) and determination.


2 thoughts on “Quick Space Marine Sketch

  1. Looks good, as ever!

    (Writing that scene was also one of the least-fun in the entire story. But I wanted to imply a point about the self-destructive tendencies of monotheistic fundamentalists. After all no-one really comes out of that bit looking very good!)

    • It was fun pic to do and it must have been a very hard scene to write as nobody comes out of it a winner 😦 Poorly armed obsessed fanatics versus giant walking, heavily armored and armed tank.
      It must be rather painful having to put your characters through something like that.

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