Grief Themed Pictures

I was asked some months ago to makes some pictures themed around grief.

This first one is more a diagram than any thing else, the black ball symbolises grief while the jar is the mind/soul of the sufferer, the idea being that grief isn’t something that gets smaller with time (the three little jars on the left) but rather something that you have to grow in order to cope with (the big jar on the right). I hope that makes sense. The person who asked me to make these images gave me a brilliant explanation that was very inspirational and that I can only remember bits of, very frustrating.

This second image is very much a mood piece. I was trying to convey the feelings of loss and loneliness that grief can cause without resorting to cliched imagery. I’m happy with how it has worked though the finish could be better. This is also the first image where I’ve added texture by layering in a photo over the orginal drawing which has worked quite nicely.


3 thoughts on “Grief Themed Pictures

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ With the Attic Room pic I just thought of the saddest and loneliest imagery I could. Empty rooms have always struck me as particularly haunting, devoid of all the life they once knew, with the people and furniture and life just gone but just little hints and shadows to suggest that they was once there.

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