The Advantage of Having An Artist Relative…or Not

So because of my current situation financially and job-wise I’ve really not got much change in my pocket. To say the Christmas just past was interesting was putting it mildly 😦  My solution was to make every body a picture with the result I was able to give my family something very personal and unique made especially for them while spending very little.

For example, this is a portrait of a much loved and very departed family member. Curling up with one eye just slightly open was just so typical of her, she was always keeping an eye on what we were doing.

Then I did a Hubble inspired painting on a box canvas so I could wrap the galaxies around the edges of the picture. It kind of worked and I’ve been asked to make a friend for it so I’m taking it it was liked.

And last of all…this was requested, as a challenge to me, and it most certainly was. Snakes are just SO hard to draw. I’m still not happy with it 😦


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