Fairies….Or Are They Goblins?

One of the ideas that has been incessantly nagging at me for the last six months or so is these bird-headed creatures. They just wouldn’t go away, I’ve even been dreaming of them.

These are all digitally manipulated photos. I drew the little critters and posed in them in various locations around my garden trying to find interesting undergrowth for them to lurk in. I’ve then experimented with adding textures and other imperfection to the images before putting them through the old photo filter in the GIMP. So far I’ve used pencils or pen to make the figures but I’ve been finding that the photos tend to wash out the details making them look very two dimensional and flat. I’m planning on trying paint next and see what effect that will have.


2 thoughts on “Fairies….Or Are They Goblins?

    • I admit to be being inspired initially by the Cottingdale faries. I’ve always been fasinated by how those girls managed to produce such a realistic effect with such basic equipment. It’s suprisingly easy to do.

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