Fan Fiction – Part 2

Harry Potter is my other fandom soft spot. I love the books, they are brilliant and creative but have their flaws and I think it is this that encorages the sheer diversity of the fanfiction that’s built up around them. On there are over 500,000 alone! It’s very difficult sorting through this sheer quantity for the real gems so here are some I’ve found to ease the search for others 🙂 I don’t have a particlar favourite theme so the fics I’ve pocked are a real mixed bag.

What If’s

What if Dudley Dursley had recieved his Hogwarts letter too, cue chaos in the Dursley household 🙂

Magical Relations

What if Lucius Malfoy got to Pettigrew before Sirius did? Sirius never ends up in Azkabhan and so moves to Wisteria Drive to help keep an eye on Harry…

Stealing Harry

What if Snape is Harry’s biological father? This one is believable, no sappyness or sugaryness, Snape is very much in character and neither he or Harry is at all happy about the situation.

In Blood Only

Time travel

The ever popular older Harry going back in time and altering the canon flow of events, starting with a Quantum Leap inspired one..

The Lone Traveller

some humour….

Oh God Not Again!

and now for something much darker…

Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past

and now for something really dark…

Circular Reasoning

Harry raised by somebody else

Harry is discoverd by the Addams family who welcome him in with open arms…lets say Hogwarts is in for a shock :-)…


Harveste Addams and the Sorcerors Stone

Harveste Addams and the Prisoner of Azkaban

or raised by a family of Kneazles after managing to change himself in to one at the tender age of 2….

Growing Up Kneazle

taken in by a very magically grey family of the European Wizarding Aristocracy who have their own agenda…


Harry taking control

Harry takes control of his life, and discovers a carrear in journalism…

Poison Pen

a dark magical heritage…

Out of the Night

a talent for Necromancy…

Innocence is fleeting Death stays true forever

his dad’s memories, all of them, even the ones relating to parental sexual habits o.0…

The Lie I’ve Lived


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