…and finally some space art!

I’ve been working at getting some digital skills together using the GIMP. I’m not comfortable with making everything highly realistic so I’ve been trying to develop a way of  accurately depicting my alien landscapes that’s stylised as a starting point. As I increase my knowledge of the software than I can add to this starting point andmake it increasingly sophisitcated.

These are the results so far…

…these are both for Kepler10b, top one is a work in progress as the lava field needs a little more attention and I want to add some texture to the rocks. The bottom was a sort of test for tha lava field and how I could go about making it…

…it sort of works 🙂

This one is for another of the exoplanets I’ve been looking at. It’s a gas giant/possible brown dwarf in the habitable zone of its parent star. I’ve decided to depict it from a completely hypothetical moon…

….the rock things are actually from a photograph of stromatelites that I found, I thought I might be able to get away with adding suggestions of primitive life. I’ve got to find a better way of adding in textures though.


One thought on “…and finally some space art!

  1. What a pity that the genre forbids a repoussoir figure in the View from the cave in Kepler 10b to give scale, and to draw the viewers eye into the picture. How about an ambiguous rock formation?

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