The Dentist’s Can Be Fun

I’ve recently had a dental check-up which included x-rays being taken ( to check my roots are healthy) I love x-rays especially when they’re my own 🙂 and I even managed to give the hygenist a laugh as well. I think she’s used to peole whipping out their phones and taking pictures of their own x-rays.


2 thoughts on “The Dentist’s Can Be Fun

  1. I haven’t been to the dentist in quite a long time. (Luckily, the last time I actually needed to was 5 years ago.) That said, I’ve no desire to go, either. The last dentist we had put my father in hospital after a botched tooth extraction. I came to the conclusion that going to them is generally more dangerous than not going!

    • Ouch 😦 that sounds very painful for your dad. I know there are alot of very bad dentists around but some how I’ve got lucky. I’ve only ever had the one since about the age of 2 and never had any major problems with my teeth. He’s very good. I don’t know what I’ll do when he finally retires.

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