Life-drawing Classes!

Finally the uni has managed to get somebody in to do life-drawing with us 🙂 Today was absolutely brilliant, in the space of about 5 hours I managed to do 11 drawings. The female model is nicely proportioned as well which makes a very nice change from my experiences on my Art-foundation course. We had a male model with abnormaly wide (for a man) hips and a prince alfred which he quite capable of removing in front of the class while the female model had an unusually small head. However you drew them they never looked right. Well this time it’s much better and here’s the proof…

I used mainly compressed charcoal. It’s really fast and makes nice dense, black marks…

I also used some graphite sticks that I’ve got lying around, It’s possible to get much more detail with these but I prefer the quickness of the charcoal…

To finish off  the session we got to do really fast five minute sketches of the same pose from different angles. I used marker pen for this…

Sort of worked nicely 🙂 I need to work on my foreshortening and hands and feet though.



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