Playing With the GIMP

I’ve been pretty reluctant to try anything with digital art software as I’ve found it very difficult to get to grips with in the past. Because of its prevalence though I can’t afford to ignore it so I’m going to have a really good go to conquering my difficulties with it. To start with I’ve tried butchering photos of Hawiian volcanoes to get a feel of Kepler10b and the sort of surface features I want to explore as well as compositions. These are some of the results…

This was my first attempt. I had problems with the colours as I used several different pictures with different reds which looked awful together. I used grey-scale then tried to add back some colour with mixed results. Some more successful scenes where I managed to get the colour scheme more uniform…

and this one…

I really like the idea of Kepler 10 just appearing out of the volcanic haze, I also like the small eruptions going from foreground to background. I think it really pulls the whole image together.

I then tried using the idea of a lave tunnel as a frame for the image…

Mixed results I think so I did some more…

I used the dodge and burn tools quite a bit in this image so that the central focus would be Kepler 10.

I’m surprised at how successful they all ended up being though I obviously need to do a lot more work at mastering the GIMP. I think I also need a better graphics tablet, a Wacom Bamboo would be nice 🙂 so I’m going to start saving my pennies.


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