A Little Animation

I’m determined to do some animations this term so today I went and sat in Starbucks and drew some basic slides as an initial storyboard, as you do 🙂

At the moment the only way I can animate anything at home is through the “make a movie” feature in Windows Media Player. This wretched thing assumes that what you really want to make is a fancy slide show of your holiday snaps so it automatically gives each slide about 2mins, the smallest amount of time it will allow for each slide is 4secs. When making stop motion animation by contrast you need to have a minimum of 12 slides per second, ideally 24 slides to get nice smooth motion, so I’ll only be ever able to get anything pathetically jerky out of this thing 😦

Well here are the results…


2 thoughts on “A Little Animation

  1. That is useful, I’ve had a little seatch around and I’ve found free software but only for stop-motion animation. So while good for claymation e.t.c not good for the sort of things I’m up to. Some of these packages look really useful 🙂

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