Thinking about Mars Colonization

(This image taken by Spirit Rover so credit-NASA)

On Thursday (see how slow I am at writing) I finally got to meet some of the other students after about a month. I always end up sitting with these guys who are great and are probably some of the nerdiest people in the room. They’re both in to concept art which meshes well with my space art, so of course we got down to discussing projects and the conversation inevatable gravitated to space colonisation, specifically Mars (though we did have a little think about the Moon too).

My position is that space colonisation is really important and we, as a species should go for it, our culture almost insists that we search out new places to live in and explore (just look at the picture above and imagine waking up and seeing that out of the window nowing that ahead is another day of going places no other human as ever been before. Just the thought of this gets me excited 🙂 I’m sure this is s normal human reaction). If we don’t go ahead with this we’ll stagnate. The guy I was talking to was very concerned about the series of biological problems that we would be faced with while living in lower/no gravity compared to what we’re used to. My opinion – humanity is extremely flexible and is perfectly capable of finding ways around these problems and even evolving to cope with them at the biological level (though this will of course take a while)

So please somebody build those rockets and get us to another planet (even the Moon) I’ll be your first colonist 😀



2 thoughts on “Thinking about Mars Colonization

  1. You might like Allen Steele’s Coyote series. It’s a reasonably-believable series about the colonisation of an alien planet (actually a big moon around a gas giant). And it’s well-written, with likeable and convincingly-human characters, and it avoids disappearing off into far-right ideological craziness, the way some American SF sadly does.

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