I’m glad that’s over

Well I managed to do my presentation finally, and it wasn’t a complete disastor, and nobody fell asleep during it, and I got asked some interesting questions…so all good in the end πŸ™‚

Just going to place this here…

Visualising the Unseen

for safe keeping.

Things I need to consider,

…more images form the astronomy, we aren’t talking the pretty ones either, the working images of hard to see objects.

…so I’ve managed to pick a range of artists who all depict space objects but have widely differing views (Chesely Bonestell, Greg Martin and Vija Celmins) do I need to add to them?

…emphsise the different layers of a space art image, I’ve lloked at theΒ  science level and the art level. Do I need to consider a philosophical level too? Ideas behind infinite space and humanity’s place in the universe maybe?

I can see my Christmas holiday is just going to be full of work 😦 on the upside I’m going to have fun deciding what I want to with my big project next term πŸ™‚


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