It’s Freezing :-(

Me and cold do not get along to the point where it has been affecting my work, and since I’ve got piles of things to do by Thursday this is NOT a good thing. At least all the snow and frost looks pretty. Took all these while walking in to Burton. It’s possible to reach the town centre by walking along the river which is surronded by fields and nature reserves.


And this is pretty typical of the centre of town. Brewery buildings cuddling up to one of the local shopping centres. And all looking very frosty and cold.



2 thoughts on “It’s Freezing :-(

  1. I had cause to take the train this morning, through Hampshire. All of the lakes and ponds are frozen over. One of them had a very irritated-looking swan. It was sat in a single tiny pool of clear water in the middle of a massive, frozen-over lake! And the countryside is silvery with frost, everywhere.

  2. Poor swan, I bet it was really annoyed šŸ™‚ . Where I am it gets warmer during the day so everything melts and then in the evening the temperature plummets. So of course the pavements end up being slick with ice and interesting to navigate.

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