I Love Fire

Have some photos of fire. Here’s the actual fire lighting process starting with screwed up bits of paper to start with, (and yes I will clear my grate out πŸ™‚ )

Set them on fire,

Add the fire lighters,

Now the fire wood can go on,

And now the coal/ smokeless fuel,

It takes about 20mins or so for the fuel to properly light so it looks a bit dull for a while. There’s no smoke now because all the wood had burnt.

But after an hour you’ll end up with something like this which kicks off lots of heat,

A happy, well controlled fire πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “I Love Fire

  1. I love fireplaces. We had a really nice one at my family’s old house. It’s something that really gets me about my current place (which is an ex-Local Authority, 1970s-ish type property) is that it has no fireplaces. They make such a nice central feature to a room!

    • I agree with you completely about fires being a feature of a room. I’m a bit lucky when it comes to fires as the house I live in (built in the 1900’s) has five working ones.
      The joy about this particular fireplace is it is in my bedroom πŸ™‚ meaning I can go to sleep with the glow of hot coals and a nasty winter night. Very cozy.

      • That’s a very nice thought. My first flat, from my Exeter days, had fireplaces. (It was the front half of the first floor of a converted Victorian townhouse, basically.) Sadly I only got to use it for a fire once, but it was nice to have just as a decorative feature, as much as anything else!

        I used to put candles in it, actually.

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