Why Can’t I Do A shining Star? :-(


I’ve been doing little samples for the fnal piece for 15sge. One of the major stumbling blocks that I’ve slammed in to is making the primary look really bright. It’s turning into a serious headache 😦


2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Do A shining Star? :-(

  1. If the primary is a ‘large’ shape, you could try a brighter centre shading to darker edges (say, white in the middle to yellowish-orange at the edge of the circle), so that there’s a stronger colour contrast? Another possibility might be to use a darker, grey shade for the stars, so that the primary stands out more?

    (Just my probably-not-very-useful two pence worth…)

  2. It’s getting that overwhelming brightness like you see in the photos, very hard to achieve. I have started adding in colour before I do the splatter for the stars so that will have a very similar effect to your suggestion of making the background stars a little grey 🙂

    With the idea of shading from white to yellow, it’s a good idea but the transition needs to be quite subtle as well as occurring in a short distance (if that makes sense) otherwise it will look too dim, or glowy rather than shiny.

    I’m just going to have to try a load of different things and then post them up here.

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