Box Camera Joy

I have a box camera which is in fully working order. I bought it from a junk shop several years ago for just £7.50. This type of camera makes an affordable antique to collect. From what I’ve been able to find out about this particular model it was the sort of thing that people bought through magazine adverts, so cheap and cheerful. Its knock-out feature is a green filter 🙂 The shutter release design leads a lot to be desired. It’s a lever that you push down, the operation of which seems to be designed to produce camera shake. When you only have 8 shots per film and you need a mortgage to get them developed it’s very irritating.

I felt wealthy enough to take it out for a spin recently and here are some of the results. I’d use it more if I had access to a dark room but unfortunately I don’t 😦 It is possible to take nice pictures with. They always look instantly old.


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