Multitasking Toothbrushes

I’ve finally managed to get at the Uni’s A3 scanner. I’ve done a couple of larger pieces with the graphite in order to solve my problem with the backgrounds. In order to produce a convincing looking star field I used a toothbrush to splatter masking fluid on to the paper first. It produces very small and regular shaped dots but randomly spaced, so ideal to give the sense of distant stars.

This is the scan of the original drawing that I did as a try-out for the splattering effect, with this I was thinking Triffid nebula. Because the graphite I’ve been using is quite hard it has come out on the grey side. I’ve got my hand on some 6b graphite so I should be able to fix this.

I’ve tried to make the original more contrasty to bring out the stars, suing the GIMP

And this is my attempt at adding colour.

And then I did this one 🙂


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