Dissertation Blues :-(

I’m just writing the proposal for it now and I swear this thing has got me in cold sweats. Ive never really had to write my own essay question/title before so this has been a very interesting challenge.The really difficult challenge I think has being making sure that it related to my negotiated project in some way while not being about exactly the same thing.

So this is the sort of thing that I’ve got in mind…

I’ve decided on the title “Visualising the Unseen”…

and the break down goes something like this…

Introduction – Most scientific research produces non-visual information which artists then have to work with in order to produce a believable image of the desired astronomical object.

Chapter 1 – What sort of images does the science produce? Many of the images are taken at different wavelengths from the visible due to the increased information that they can give the scientist about an otherwise invisible or apparently mundane object.

Chapter 2 – Teasing out the potentially useful visual information from the science. This is important to enable the artist to produce which are believable and as realistic as the available information allows.

Chapter 3 – Turning the art on the science. Making the science aesthetically pleasing. It is very nice making accurate (as we can get them) depictions of objects such as brown dwarfs but it is also important that they are pleasing to the eye so that they are enjoyable to look at. The nature of the subject matter, objects suspended in infinite space great distances from one another, produces unique compositional challenges.

Chapter 4 – Rising visual conventions. The more they are depicted the more a particular object will be depicted in the same manner.

Conclusion – The importance of keeping a balance between the visual aesthetics and the scientific information imbedded in the image.


I’m just hoping my tutor is alright about it or I don’t know what I’ll do 😦






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