Titan = 0.0

I’ve been watching the TV series Wonders of the Solar System particully episode 3. This image of Titan’s surface really caught my imagination, on first inspection it may be looks a little dull but when you realise what exactly you are looking at then it’s just amazing.

Those rounded rocks in the foreground looks as if they have been eroded by water and then just dumped on mud as the water receded. But this is Titan and it’s far too cold for liquid water (which is as hard as stone at this distance from the Sun), but it’s just right for liquid Methane :-). Those rocks are possibly water ice that has been eroded by liquid methane running down to a methane sea.

Such a familiar scene but surrealy different. Things like this continue to justify my belief that nature is stranger and more wonderful than anything the human mind can come up with.


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