Another Astronaut

I based this one on a space walk image that was just every where in the mid/late 80’s. I don’t think NASA even use these jet packs any more.


2 thoughts on “Another Astronaut

  1. If I remember correctly, the Manned Maneuvring Unit system has only ever been used a couple of times, oddly enough. Eventually they decided it was too risky for regular use, due I suspect to the problems with human balance and distance perception in zero G, and it got quietly retired.

    But despite that, it’s remained very prominent in space imagery, even though IRL it was a fairly little-used thing.

  2. I’m not surprised they decided it was too risky, having a person so self reliant in such an unforgiving environment as space is asking for tragedy. If somebody got in to trouble with one of these things at a distance from their shuttle it would be difficult/impossible to rescue them 😦

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